Bill Kleyman

Hey Everyone! I’m Bill, and I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. I have a wonderful family, great friends, and I get to do amazing (techie) things every single day. I’ve worked with data center design, DevOps, cloud, artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, and pretty much all things connected. And, as an active member in the technology community, I was lucky enough to be ranked #16 globally in the Onalytica study that reviewed the top 100 most influential individuals in the cloud landscape and #4 in another Onalyticastudy, which examined the industry’s top Data Security Experts.

After 15 years in the technology space, I’ve had the chance to see quite a few advancements. Today, as Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions at one of the industry’s most innovative technology companies, I work with leaders in digital infrastructure to help build a more sustainable and inclusive future and support an ever-connected digital society. Outside of my day job, I’m a contributing editor to some leading publications, including Data Center Frontier, Data Center Knowledge, ITPro Today, and InformationWeek. I also get the chance to speak at leading conferences like DCD, AFCOM Data Center World, Interop, Google Partner Days, AFCOM Leaders Labs, Informa, HIMSS, and others.

Finally, I also work with an extraordinary organization called Infrastructure Masons. At iMasons, I sit on the Advisory Council and am the Chairperson for the Millennial and Gen Z resource group. Our efforts result in thousands of dollars of scholarships, broad diversity, inclusion, equality programs, and hours of mentorship at colleges and universities. It’s honestly one of the most rewarding and memorable programs that I work with.

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