Fine Tuning Service with Routine Service and Artifact Reviews

While we all practice service management, identifying and equipping the service level manager, who serves as the proud parent of the services we provide, is often challenging and evades even the most disciplined ITSM team. We have begun a process of IT Service reviews where we select our most critical services in conduct a service review on an annual basis. The goal of these reviews are to:
1. Establish end-to-end mindset
2. Gain deeper understanding of all technology components, processes, and people required to meet service level expectations
3. Improve collaboration among component owners on delivery of uniform services

We look at a variety of service artifacts and data and use that experience populate our service improvement plan which includes improvements to both the service artifacts themselves (bookkeeping improvements) as well as genuine service performance (user experience). The session will demonstrate the material we use, the artifacts we review, and a brief tour of some of the data used in the reviews.

IT Service Desk Excellence
Location: Date: May 25, 2022 Time: 12:30 pm - 1:20 pm Bob Black