The best part of TDX CONVERGE is sharing ideas, best practices and use cases.  Each year, the majority of the sessions at the conference are led by TeamDynamix users, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for the 2024 event!

Please scroll down to review presentation tracks and session ideas… you can submit against any of these areas – or propose something else!


Just click “Submit a Session” and fill out a short form describing what you’d like to present!

Submit your presentation idea by February 9, 2024. We will reach out to you in late February to let you know your session has been chosen! If your idea is similar to another organization’s, we may ask you to participate in a panel about the topic led by TeamDynamix.

Before the agenda is released, we’ll give you a time slot and help you come up with a title and description for the session.


You will present virtually on our event platform (similar to a Zoom presentation). We will work with you ahead of time to do an AV check and to ensure that you are comfortable. A production team will be with you live the entire time – offering a formal introduction, and managing any chats or Q&As as well.

A TeamDynamix host will introduce you at the beginning of your session and will be available to help answer questions, troubleshoot and whatever else is needed. Each session is 50 minutes, and most people leave 10-15 minutes for questions.


Presentation Tracks

We will have about 25 – 30 session blocks for customer speakers. We are looking for your interest in panel discussions or to lead a session.  We will be working with you to ensure that you are prepared, have an AV check and are comfortable before your session. It is your participation that makes this event what it is – please consider how you can help the community to thrive and evolve.


Session Ideas

The following highlights session topics that represent areas of high interest across the customer community – feel free to submit for any of these or to introduce or propose your own ideas.

  • Going from ITSM to ESM – Key Building Blocks
  • Using ESM in X (HR, Facilities, Legal, Compliance, Operations…)
  • Embracing ITIL Change Management
  • Service Desk Excellence – Move the Needle Best Practices
  • Building a System for Project Intake & Prioritization
  • Promoting TeamDynamix Internally to End-Users
  • Supercharging ITSM with Automation
  • Connecting the Enterprise with Integration and Automation
  • A New Way to Chat – Incorporating Conversational AI
  • Use Cases for Advanced Workflow in Work Management
  • 5 Automation Use Cases that Save Time with iPaaS
  • Building a Technology Roadmap for “One Stop” Services