How to Be a Presenter

The best part of TDX CONVERGE is sharing ideas, best practices, and use cases. 

Each year, the majority of the sessions at the conference are lead by TeamDynamix users, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for the 2023 event!


Just click “Submit a Session” and fill out a short form describing what you’d like to present!

Submit your presentation idea by December 15. We will reach out to you in December to let you know your session has been chosen! If your idea is similar to another organization’s, we may ask you to participate in a panel about the topic led by TeamDynamix.

Before the Agenda is released, we’ll give you time slot and help come up with a title of description for the session.


You will present virtual in our event platform (similar to a Zoom presentation).

A TeamDynamix host will introduce you at the beginning of your session, and will be available to help answer questions, troubleshoot, and whatever else is needed. 

Each session is 50 minutes, and most people leave 10-15 minutes for questions.


IT Service Excellence

Perhaps you have implemented ITIL or you have rolled out a stellar portal or have introduced change management or are using asset management in a more advanced way… or maybe you have advanced workflow – share what you are doing to take your IT Service Team to the next level.

  • Best practices for adopting ITIL
  • How to create an effective change management process
  • Killer dashboards for technicians / managers
  • Rolling out asset management; key tips & tricks
  • Key workflows that drive efficiency
  • Building a stellar end-user portal
  • Creating a knowledge base that people use


Project Portfolio Management Excellence

Gaining project management discipline within your organization is a huge accomplishment, share how you are managing intake, governance, project tracking & adoption or perhaps advanced resource capacity planning.

  • Creating a strong project intake & prioritization process
  • Project dashboards & governance; what I use to run the PMO
  • Driving PM adoption
  • Resource capacity planning


Enterprise Service & Projects

Many organizations have rolled out TeamDynamix to HR, Marketing, Facilities, Legal Teams and More – share how you are gaining buy-in, momentum & adoption.  Perhaps you have a use case with the business users to showcase. 

  • Marketing; managing projects & tasks in one place
  • HR; creating workflows & end-user portal that employees love
  • Facilities; key workflows & process improvements
  • ESM portals; how to build out an enterprise-wide solution
  • ESM; gaining buy-in and driving deployment across multiple teams


Advanced Workflow / Enterprise Integration

Are you using iPaaS?  Let’s show off what you are doing – whether you are supercharging ITSM/ESM or perhaps you are building out data lakes and leveraging the platform to aggregate data or maybe you are engaged in enterprise-wide workflow … let’s share what you are doing with use cases and stories.

  • iPaaS use cases outside of ITSM/ESM
  • 3 things that we do with iPaaS to save time
  • Data aggregation projects; what are you doing with the solution?
  • Using the community & pre-built templates; which do you love the most?
  • Advanced forms creation & usage
  • Using forms with workflows – how are you using these?
  • Building a notification dashboard; forms to create announcements to the board
  • Advanced workflows; show off your most intricate flows